Press release for Earth Day 2015

Remember the Rainforest is being released free for Earth Day 2015. It Is an Eco-education program based on the explorers of the 1800s. It is a nonprofit project under the auspices of fractured Atlas a 501K for artists. It was produced by Eco artists, Carol Miranda Chor and Alberto Chor of Allentown PA.

Our daughter Amy Burtaine was an Eco-educator in the Amazon. She introduced us to the rare books of the Martius-Spix expedition 1817-20. We found the 40 volume collection nearby at Lehigh U. Digging even deeper, we had the expedition leader’s writings translated from Latin, and discovered Karl von Martius to be the long-lost father of the Ecology. His teaching and the 1000s of images will go a long way in raising awareness.

Amy was my inspiration for GG, one of the SuperHeroes in our Eco coloring book. Green Girl says, “Why be a Tree Killer when you can be an Eco SuperHero?” But how ? I found the answer when I read Barbara Kingsolver’s “Prodigal Summer”. It discusses the plight of the American Chestnut tree which is making a blight-free return after 90 years of extinction. According to the American Chestnut Foundation, these trees have 3x faster growth than any other tree, therefore 3x the oxygen and 3x the carbon absorption.

Our mission is to raise awareness and promote the planting of Chestnut trees. We are appealing to Mayors around the world to designate public lands for planting. These trees grow to be huge and need space with a 40 foot diameter for optimal growth. The slogan will be for example, “Allentown PA is a Chestnut city”, “Louisville KY is a Chestnut city”, “Detroit MI is a Chestnut city”, etc. In 5-10 years, these amazing trees will have attained a size that will make an significant impact on the environment.

We want to thank Lehigh University and Princeton for the thousands of rainforest images. Thanks to my aunt Vivian Landrum for her support and wisdom. This program is dedicated to her.

Sincerely, Carol Miranda Chor aka C. Miranda
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Remember the Rainforest was reviewed and approved by the British govt for Curriculum OnLine, by the National Wildlife Federation and by the Da Vinci Science Center.

We have 2 publications for Earth Day and beyond. RTR1 is a program based on the rainforest explorers of the 1800s with lessons for K-12. RTR2 is an Eco coloring book.  

The last pages of the Eco coloring book will be our posters ! We have requested that Home Depot and Lowe’s have a ready supply of trees for planting season. We have offered these 2 free posters for them to display in-store.