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Contents of Volume 1

Travels in Brazil by Karl von Martius, 1824

Dedication to King of Bavaria*** A3

Translator's preface*** IX

Book 1 Chapter 1

Preparation for the Expedition Journey
from Munich, by way of Vienna, to Triest
*** page 1-18.

Occasion and object of the journey (4)----- Preparations for it (7)---- Stay at Vienna (9)--- Meeting with the Austrian naturalists belonging to the expedition to Brazil (15)---Journey by way of Laibach and Idria in Triest (10)------ Excursion to Venice (12)-----Return over land to Triest (15)------ Arrival of the Imperial Austrian embassy(15)-----Marine productions of this country (17)


Book 1 Chapter 2

Departure from Triest
Voyage through Adriatic and Mediterranean to Gibraltar***
page 19-52.

Storm in the Adriatic(19)------Stay at Pola (21) -----Voyage in the Adriatic, along the Dalmatian and Italian coasts (26)---------Stay at Malta (29, 37)-----Lavalletta (32)----Citta Vecchia (33)-----Voyage in the Mediterranean (42)------Phosphorescence in the water (43)--------Arrival at Gibraltar (47)------ Notes: The plants of Pola and its vicinity (49)-------The Flora and Fauna of the island of Malta (51)

Book 1 Chapter 3

Stay at Gibraltar, and in the vicinity *** page 53-80.

The town and its inhabitants (54)---------Mount Calpe (56)----Osseous breccia (60) St. Roque (65)------Algesiras (66)----------Tarifa (67)--------- Observations relative to Natural History (68)-------The Strait of Gibraltar, and the currents in it (69)--------Notes: Lists of animals and plants found about Gibraltar and Algesiras (77)

Book 1 Chapter 4

Gibraltar, Madeira, across the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro*** page 81-130.

Passage through the Straits of Gibraltar (81)----- The Atlantic Ocean (83)------ Sea-sickness (84)---- Arrival at Madeira, and stay on that island (87)---- A description of the island with respect to natural history (90)------- Voyage past the Canary Islands (100)------ Observations on Natural Philosophy and Natural History, relative to the winds, the temperature of the air, of of the water above and below the surface, to the barometer, the areometer, the hygrometer, the electrometer, the variation of the needle, the currents, the lightnings, etc (103)----- The Atlantic Ocean to the Tropic of Cancer (105), from that to the Equator (107,115), and thence to Rio de Janeiro--------------Phosphorescence (108,118)----- Flying fish, tuna fish, sharks, sea-fowl, mollusca, etc (109)------ Natural and Mathematical Equator (112)------ Fear of Pirates (107)-----Feelings on passing the Equator (116)---- A day between the tropics (117)----- The Ilhas Abrolhos (119)---- Rocks and shoals (119)------ Trinidad (120)----- Perilous situation of the crew of the French vessel (120)------- Communication with a vessel (121)------ The coast of Brazil (122) ------ The harbor of Rio de Janeiro (122)-----Notes: The dyer's lichen (125)--The vegetation of the islands of Canaria and Madeira (126)---- Animals near the equator (129)------ Equatorial limits of the north-east and south-east trade winds (130)

Book 2 Chapter 1

Stay in Rio de Janeiro*** page 131-205.

Description of the city (131)----- Population (133)--- Influence of the residence of the court (137,143)----- Industrialization (147)---- Library (149)------The press (150)--Schools (151)----- Foundation of the surgical school (151)-------- Great want of a university (153)------ Academy of Arts (154)---The climate (159,162)-----The mode of living of the people (159)------ Character of diseases (162,167)-------- Hospitals (172)---------- The public promenade (174)-------- Slave trade (177)--------------Commerce (180)----Imports and exports of the capital, and of the interior (182)-----The bank (194)----- Money (196)---- View of the duties of customs in Brazil, and of the exportation from Rio de Janeiro (197)----Notes: A royal passport (199)---Duties of customs, etc. (200)

Book 2 Chapter 2

Excursions in the environs of Rio de Janeiro*** page 206-268.

Natural history of the environs (206)------ The Carioca aqueduct (208)------ Noble prospect from Mount Corcovado (211)--- Tijuca area (214)--- Lake Camorim (215)--The coffee plantation of Dr. Lesesne (218)---- Lagoon of Rodrigo Freitas (220,224)---Botanic garden (220)---------Tea plantation (221)----------Gunpowder manufactory (221,223)----- Islands in the Bay of Rio de Janeiro (225)----- Porto de Estrella on the high road to Minas Gerais (225,232,235)---Stay at Mandiocca, the country seat of von Langsdorf (237)----- Visit to the Serra dos Orgaos (238,249)------ Description of the forest, of the plants, and animals (240)-----Rocks, their formation (249)----Way over the Serra to Corrego Seco (252), and as far as the passage to the river Paraiba (254)---Agriculture and the obstacles to it (255)----- Considerations and counsels for European settlers (258)-------The weather at Rio (263)----- Preparations for the journey into the interior (263)---- Itinerary (265)----- The arrival of Her Imperial Highness the Princess Royal of Brazil (267)

Book 2 Chapter 3

Journey from Rio de Janeiro, to the city of Sao Paulo*** page 269-327.

Departure to Campinho, and S. Cruz, the estate of the Prince Regent (269)---Chinese settlers (274)---- Taguahy (281)----- Last view from the sea-coast from the Serra do Mar (282)---- Retiro (285)----- Fazenda dos Negros (288)----- Bananal (289)---S. Anna das Areas and the Indians there (292)---- Tacasava (296)----Lorena (302)---The Serra de Mantequeira (301)----- Beginning of the grassy Campos (302)--- Rio Paraiba (303)---- Guarantingueta (303)----- Pendamhongaba (308)----The different forms of vegetation (309)----- Taubate, and its inhabitants, the first discoverers of the gold mines (311)-- Frequency of Goiters, especially in the women (315)-- Causes and cure of them (316)--- Jacarehy (314)--- Aldea da Escada and the Indians there (319) Descriptions of the Cafusos, descendants of the Indians and Negroes, with natural perukes a foot high (323)---- Mogy das Cruces (325)

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